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#soundsofharlowe @weareharlowe (Taken with instagram)

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#somelikeithot #ismismmixseries http://goo.gl/v90sj (Taken with instagram)

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Songforthedaydotdot.tumblr.com Come Follow Me :) (Taken with Instagram at Tequila Warf)

Here Is a photo of my dog murphy

Here Is a photo of my dog murphy

The Qemists - Join The Q (2009)

The Qemists - Join The Q

So i first heard of The Qemists was when my dad introduced me to them he said that he had herd them on BBC 6 Music and recommended em to me  i didn’t really take much attention to them until i herd the Spor Remix of Stompbox that i really began to pay attention.

so a bit about the bad they started off a a drummer, bassist and a guitarist in a rock band that also DJ Drum & Basson the weekend, after a while they decided why not do it both at the same time. and the band was born.

The next i herd of them was a track they did with “Mike Patton” of “Faith No More” entitled “Lost Weekend”. the track starts of as a breakbeat track and then smashes into a really upbeat in you face drum and bass track. i like what the guys are doing with the scene, including such famous vocalist can on expand the scene and its fans.

there next reles was the track they did with “UK Hip-Hop” Artist “Wiley” entitled”Dem Na Like Me” the track written like a drum and bass tune but with hip hop drums. it also uses a wicked Dubby guitar sample which makes for a wicked Dubstep remix  played on Rusko’s Essential Mix.

when i first heard that they would be relesing an album i was both exited and worried. exited because i liked what i had already heard. worrid because i didn’t want another In silico. when i got round to hearing it i then realised that was more what i was looking for in pendulum’s second album it’s a very rock band based album and would still beasy to play live but is both true to drum and bass as a scene and experemental. to be honest to me In Silico sounded like pendulum were trying to go into the mainstream to make some cash, where as it sounds like The Qemists were just trying to have some fun in the studio when making this record.

The album also features many other tracks not mentioned the other two singles “Drop Audio” And “Stompbox” both of which are brilliant and have wicked remixes.

One of my favorite track on the album is a track Named “When Ur Lonely”. anyone that know my taste in drum and bass knows that i am a sucker for a Caribbean style vocal it sound brilliant in this track, but what i find interesting is that it is still a very rocky track which is not what you would usually expect with this style of vocal.

The track that caught my attention strait away is a track called “On The Run”. it is a really up beat and energetic track (it sounds like something that you would play “Need For Speed” too) the track features a wicked vocal from Jenna G and is an all round fun song.

All in all this album is a brilliant listen and i would recommend it to anyone. it covers many bases if you like Rock music, drum and bass or just something a little different this is the band for you.

Dan le Sac Vs. Scroobius Pip - Angles (2008)

Dan le Sac Vs. Scroobius Pip - Angles

Dan le Sac Vs. Scroobius Pip are a duo originally from essex made up of Dan Stephens and David Meads and are in my opinion one of the most original bands to come out of Britain in the last couple of years i first came across them in 2006 when a friend of mine played me the track 

“Thou Shall Always Kill” in which Scroobius Lists Many Bands one of which Bloc Party (a band both me and my friend were crazy about at the time). the track lists many problems in the world one of my favorite lines being “thou shall remember that guns bitches and bling is not part of the four elements and never will be”. the song also quotes many pop song such as “thou shall not wish your girlfriend was hot like me (Pussy Cat Doll for those of you that don’t know)” or “Thou shall not shake it like a Polaroid picture (Outcast)”. anyway first time i heard it i wasn’t sure but as i listened to it a couple of times fell in love with it.

A couple of months went past and i then Zane Lowe played the track “Look For The Woman” which is track about struggles with love. This track had a similar effect on me as its prequel and i didn’t really enjoy it until the album came out, but since its release on the album it has gone to be one of my fave songs of 2008.

The next track i heard was a track name “A Letter From God To Man” in which he title near enough explains it. basically the track is about god looking down on his earth and writing a letter to mankind basically explaining himself for not being around and to apologies for some of the deeds committed in his name. it gives the humankind to god relationship more friendly and less serious (Almost like two old blokes having a laugh in a pub) one of my fave lines in this track is one of the opening lines “i know i haven’t been around much lately but i didn’t think you anted me to be last time i sent down a message you nailed it to the cross so i figured i just leave it to you let you be your own boss. the track was an instant hit in my book and is wickedly sampled by Radiohead.

Anyway fast forward a few month and the album is released and i was exited to give it a listen as there was nothing els that had come out like this (the streets being most similar but remove all the Chav factor No Offense Mike). The album features some wicked tracks such as “Fixed” which although he says its not it is a rip on UK Hip-Hop about how he think that Artists should be taking there lyrical content more seriously and inspiring. its a very cleaver song and i couldn’t agree more it’s not that i have it its just the scene seems to be very repetitive Hip-hop isn’t the same anymore it used to have a message behind it, but anyway that grip is for another day. anyway the track is wicked and samples “Dizzee Rascal’s” “Fix Up Look Sharp” a very famous UK Hip-Hop Track.

the next track on the album is a track named “Angles” the track is a story about two brothers and two security guards it basically talks about the many sides of a story its a very deep and powerful song, that is probably has some of the best lyrical content i have ever heard.

another track similar to the previous track is “Waiting For The Beat to Kick In” this track follows a first person view of a dream that scroobius is having. it gives many different advises on life which are all true but also the contradict each other. the track is defiantly a track that makes you think and defiantly worth a listen.

The track “Tommy C” is a very impressive one. It begins with a speech about how pop acts using the word beautiful to much basically makes the word loose worth. the tack then comes in and he begins to talk about the famous british comedian “Tommy Cooper” its says about his life career and his death and how when he died every one in the room had risen to there feet and applauded thinking that it was another one of his tricks. this track has a lot of meaning and is Definitely my favorite on the album.

I recently went to see Dan le sac and Scroobius at the orange rooms in Southampton and was a wicked gig the had as much energy on stage as the do on the album, so if hey are playing near you or not you need to check them out go buy the album its probably my album of 2008 and is a wicked listen.

Danny Byrd - Super Sized (2008)

Danny Byrd - Supersize

Danny Byrd came at us this year with his album Super Sized and absolutely blew me away.
this album is the first album of the producer from bath Even after being signed to Legendary (And Best) drum and bass record label Hospital Records for a Whopping Seven Year’s.

it all started towards the end of 2007 with the track “Shock Out” absolutely tearing the scene apart all DJ’s were including it in there sets. the track begins with a very hospital sounding intro Soulful lyrics a piano and Glam Chords, this soon changes when we get to the drop and it kicks into what can only be described as Nu-Jungle, using traditional jungle Bassline and Amen fills this track was to be loved by drum and bass fans all over the globe and i couldn’t wait to hear more. plus anyone that manages to use a Dog Woof in a track as popular as this one is sure to have a good LP.

So a few months went past (as they always seem to in the beautiful world of Drum & Bass) and i was listening to the hospital podcast (its a wicked listen would recommend it to anyone) and
“Tony ‘London Elektricity’ Coleman” drops this tune called “Feet Won’t Touch The Ground” the track is defiantly of the liquid genre but he manages to add so much excitement to the track it is breaking the boundaries of the traditional Hospital sound.

So next up Danny Byrd is on the hospital podcast promoting his album and decides to play a few track the first track h e plays is called “Red Mist” the track begins as a hip hop track and the breaks into a really energetic song. he then plays a track called Supersized which is the title track of the album for some reason and don’t ask me why because i really don’t know but the track makes me want to play F-Zero(Classic SNES Game For those of you who aren’t geeky enough), anyway the track has a guitar which is very similar to the the guitar in the track Sleepless by felly Hospital team member and remix legend High Contrast, when the track kicks in is has a wicked horn section and a upright Bass(Roni Size eat Your heart out). the next track he plays he says was inspired by the artists like justice and daft punk which are electro bands and the track certainly has that feel when you first listen to it it start off as an electro style drum and bass track and about halfway through the track it turns into this amazing Electro House tune. i love tracks that change time and genre half way through it allows DJ’s to really experiment with there sets some other wicked examples are DJ Fresh Ft. DJ Shadow - Closer (which happens to be the most played track on my iTunes library) and 2Db - Go Girl.
the last track is a track called From Bath With Love it starts of with a guitar and a string section to give a very harmonious feel. when the track drops it again reminds me most of the track
“If We Ever” by “High Contrast” it has a very interesting break and and a wicked Vocal, anyway the track fades out to the sounds f danny whistling in the bath which gives a wicked comedic value.

some other tracks on the album are “Joy And Pain” which features a Vocalist named ReDD its a cool track and reminds me a lot of “Shake Your Body” by “Shy FX”. and “Goldrush” which was co produces by the Brookes Brothers (Watch this space They Will Be Big in 2009) this track as notably on the “Hospital Mix Six: Mixed By Cyantific”.

in the late summer of 2008 Danny Byrd relesed a sample pack for producers to use subsequently London Electricity made a mega mix of the NERD album using the sample pack the track is entitles “NERD Step” and has had mass demand.

2008 was a really good year for Danny Byrd, and i am personally looking forward to what him and the rest of the hospital crew get them Selves up to.